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Just like any other occupation with specialties contractors come in all types. Bathroom remodelers, kitchen remodelers, basement waterproofing, roofers, window installation, siding installation, gutter contractors, landscapers, carpenters are all examples of types of contractors. The specialty we are here to discuss is that of the "insurance restoration" contractor. Be careful in choosing your "insurance restoration" contractor and avoid the insurance companies preferred contractors at all costs. The insurance carriers preferred contractor is working for the insurance company. Their livelihood depends on insurance carriers not policyholders. We have all heard the term "Don't bite the hand that feeds you". Is there any question as to where these contractors loyalties lie? Allowing your claim to be handled by your insurance companies preferred contractor pretty much guarantees a "preferred" result for your insurance carrier. Now that we have established why the insurance carriers preferred contractor is a bad idea where should a policyholder turn for assistance? Considerable knowledge and expertise are necessary to be able to interface with insurance companies. Many contractors run away from insurance work due to the complicated nature of the insurance claims process.
At Dottrio we deal with insurance claims on a daily basis. We know the process, we understand the process. While there are many good insurance restoration contractors in Maryland most don't understand your insurance policy. Insurance policy coverage explanations are best provided by licensed insurance professionals such as Public Adjusters. Contractors are not legally allowed to interpret and/or explain insurance policy coverage. Contractors are not legally allowed to "negotiate" with your insurance carrier. Contractors are not legally able to "represent" you to your insurance carrier. So what makes a contractor the best choice among "insurance restoration" contractors? At Dottrio we would argue that the only way to be a full service "insurance restoration" contractor in Maryland is to partner with a licensed Public Adjuster.

Dottrio is the best choice in Maryland among "insurance restoration" contractors as we are also licensed Public Adjusters. The next time you get a flyer on your door from an "insurance restoration" contractor claiming to be able to waive your deductible, negotiate with your insurance carrier, represent you to your insurance carrier, or handle your claim with no out of pocket expenses; remember they are in violation of the law by making those statements. It is in your best interest to hire a professional "insurance restoration" contractor who can handle your claim from beginning to end. Insurance carriers have representation from company or independent adjusters, and preferred contractors protecting their interests, you should have someone protecting your interests.

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