5 Reasons to Work With a Contractor When Submitting a Hail Claim

Post date: Feb 27, 2014 8:16:13 PM

1. It's His Job. A contractor that specializes in hail damage repairs is an expert in hail damage. It is always a good idea to enlist the services of an expert whenever possible. When you are sick, you enlist the services of a doctor. When your car breaks down, you see a mechanic. Similarly, when your house has sustained damage, you should use a contractor that specializes in that type of damage. Fortunately, when it comes to hail damage, there are usually plenty of contractors that specialize in such restorations.

2. Take a Load Off. Most homeowners have plenty to be concerned about as it is. Family, kids, careers, home maintenance, the list goes on. When you have a chance to let someone else take care of one of your many responsibilities, this opportunity should be explored. An expert contractor will walk you through the hail claim process, meet with your homeowners insurance adjuster and work to get you approved. Imagine how much time and frustration that allowing your contractor to perform these duties will save you.

3. He knows What You Don't. Hail claims are tricky. Insurance companies are notorious for stiffing homeowners or mandating unfair claims decisions, especially when it comes to hail damage. Even when damage is obvious, issues of matching and proper construction practices almost always come into play.

If you hire a hail damage contractor, he will likely have seen all of the insurance company "tricks of the trade" before. Your contractor will be one of very few people that will be able to intelligently discuss the scope of the potentially approved project with your claims adjuster. This often proves to be invaluable in your final claims decision.

4. Two Against One. As the homeowner, you pay for insurance. Obviously, the insurance policy on your home is yours. This gives you the right to make a claim if you have sustained damages. Your insurance company will discuss your claim and your policy with you virtually at your whim. This is the service for which you pay your premiums.

Still, if you are not an expert in hail damage, you can discuss and argue your claim until your mouth falls off- it won't make much of a difference if you simply do not know all of the "ins and outs" of hail damage and hail claims. Fortunately, your hail contractor will. If you are going up against what seems like a biased claims situation, your persistence teamed with your contractor's expertise will do wonders in helping you obtain a fair claims decision.

5. It's All About The Work. Many hail claims contractors perform invaluable services when it comes to working with your homeowners insurance company and helping you obtain a fair claim settlement. Many contractors that specialize in hail damage repairs will actually guarantee that they will perform full replacement within the insurance scope of approval. There are even programs offered by some expert contractors whereby your homeowner insurance deductible will be covered (this is NOT legal in Maryland).

Still, even if your hail damage project is 100% cost-free to you, if the work is of poor quality, "free" loses its meaning. The good news is that most contractors that specialize in hail damage repairs will have performed several hundreds, possibly thousands of similar repairs. They likely have performed countless roof replacements or siding replacements, etc. Because of this, the work is likely of top quality. Plus, since many hail damage contractors will work within a given area (the area where damage was sustained) over a certain period of time (until most of the damage has been repaired), it only behooves the contractor to do a good job since this will likely earn the contractor more business in your community while he is working there.

By Joseph Dylan