Public Adjusters

What is a public adjuster?

In the event of a loss to your property, the insurance company will send a trained adjuster to evaluate your loss. This trained negotiator is sent there to minimize the amount of the loss. A Public Adjuster is a highly trained and licensed adjuster who represents the property owner exclusively, so as to negotiate the maximum settlement possible. A Public Adjuster is an advocate for the property owner, who will fight to obtain the maximum settlement that the property owner is entitled to. A Public Adjuster will evaluate your policy for coverage, prepare detailed estimates, contact your insurance company about your loss and negotiate with your insurance company. Public adjuster’s are experts in the field of loss assessment and evaluation of the insurance policy and they work on a contingency basis.

What is a Public Adjuster? (Wikipedia)

Why use a public adjuster?

Insurance is the idea that through mass participation there is an ability to spread risk among a large number of policyholders, most whom will never file a claim. It is fair to expect that this model should lead to a system that pays valid claims at fair market value in a timely manner. In reality this is not what usually takes place. Far too often policyholders are left facing considerable stress navigating an extremely challenging claims environment. As your advocate the Public Adjuster levels the playing field by knowing what your insurance policy covers and making sure your insurer doesn't wiggle out of paying what they owe. Due to the complicated nature of the insurance claims process and the strong profit motivation of insurers it is always a good idea to utilize the services of an expert.

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